Quark Shoes

Quark Shoes

Quark shoes may very well be the ‘lightest shoes on earth’ - and the most comfortable! Specially designed with advanced features for weightlessness and comfort, Quark shoes are lightweight, comfortable and flexible, with the sensation of walking on air.


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Quark Shoes Reviews

  • Quark Style: 680101
    Quark - Snowflake $88.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Eileen, Holland Ohio, 1/3/2007 9:03:56 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    This is a very well constructed boot. Being seamless it’’s totally waterproof and does not allow leakage in tongue area. Deep ridges in sole allow for great traction in snow. Rugged looking but a nice winter-weather boot.

  • Quark Style: 575115
    Quark - Halo $63.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Holly, Accokeek/MD, 8/24/2005 10:08:08 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I love these shoes They are worth the money and are so very comfortable. I’’d like to buy a pair in every color.

  • Quark Style: 575201
    Quark - Pro-Air II $61.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: crystal, pgh pa, 5/6/2006 9:45:32 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I LOVE this shoe you can just wipe them clean and your feet will not hurt I have tried and had pain with shoes 3x this price. Just try them once and I bet that you’’ll be buying a second pair.

  • Quark Style: 590401
    Quark - Pro-Air $61.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Anthony Burks, CintiOhio, 1/26/2008 10:59:02 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Thank you so much I had been looking for shoes that fit to my needs It’’s hard to find work shoes that has the quality that these shoe has I return a pair a shoe I purchased when I found your company shoes I will continue to be a customer I have rcommend your site to my company memeber who need these shoes because like myself the employee need them too Thank you once again

  • Quark Style: 575314
    Quark - Podium $56.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Judy, Castaic California, 2/11/2008 5:30:18 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I love these clogs. This is my third pair. I’’m a nurse so I spend a lot of time on my feet but these shoes make it all tolerable. Another nurse already commented on how great they look so I told her where I got them.

  • Quark Style: 577100
    Quark - Freedom $39.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Tammy, Mauriceville TX, 4/21/2009 7:54:13 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Quarks shoes cradle the foot and are so easy to wear.

  • Quark Style: 576801
    Quark - Pacifica $59.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Susan, Orlando FL, 8/9/2007 2:42:00 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I love these sandals I have many problems with my feet and I was afraid to order by mail. The sandals came quickly and they are great I can’’t believe how comfortable they are.

  • Quark Style: 577220
    Quark - Cabos $59.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: susie, houston tx, 5/12/2009 7:32:53 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    not impressed with this style...looks pretty butch. returned

  • Quark Style: 577507
    Quark - Bermuda $59.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Brenda, Hudson NH, 8/16/2007 7:33:43 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I love this shoe so much I ordered it in every color except navy. I really wish they made it in black. I even ordered my husband the brown ones because he tried mine on and he loved them too. I wear them every day all day long even at work and they are fabulous Whenever I wear the pink ones people stop me to tell me how cool my shoes are. They are also perfect for water parks and the beach because they are waterproof. Love them

  • Quark Style: 571401
    Quark - Summit $41.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Shyla, Arden Hills MN, 11/29/2005 11:39:26 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    This boot is great for slipping on to go from the house to the car and to wherever you are going. It did fit a bit small though.