Sofft Shoes

Sofft Shoes

Beautiful, trend-forward designs with state-of-the-art comfort. Söfft shoes are immersed in timeless femininity, with rich leathers and distinctive details. Wearable heel heights and luxurious comfort footbeds create an irresistible feel in every pair.


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Sofft Shoes Reviews

  • Sofft Style: 1279307
    Sofft - Pippa $79.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Melissa, Jacksonville%2c%20FL, 7/25/2015 1:05:54 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I absolutely love these shoes with one exception. Their comfortable to wear all day long and I receive more compliments on them. I would have given 5 stars were it not for the fact that you either have to be a contortionist to get into the shoe or have someone else buckle them for you as the strap is barely long enough to buckle. I don't consider myself to have large ankles. I don't wear them as often as I would like because of the strap issue.

  • Sofft Style: 1278806
    Sofft - Cailean $75.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Judy, Oklahoma%20City%2c%20%20OK, 7/15/2015 11:06:54 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I had to have an extra hole added as I have a very narrow heel and I was walking out of them. They are very comfortable!

  • Sofft Style: 1277193
    Sofft - Breeze $87.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Karen, Indiana, 7/14/2015 3:09:10 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    These are my most comfortable, favorite dressier flats. My dog chewed up one of them and the very same day I ordered a new pair. So in essence, I bought them twice. I have flat feet and have had a broken heel and 3 operations on my feet, so nice fitting, comfortable dressier flats are HARD to find. This met all of my expectations. They are so easy to put on with the zipper in the back. I truly love these shoes. Mine are silver. The only reason I don't buy another color is because they are so pretty and unique looking, I don't want to look like they are the only shoes I know how to buy! :) The foot is padded. Truly comfortable!

  • Sofft Style: 1283605
    Sofft - Maura $90.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Virginia, Shreveport%2c%20LA, 7/9/2015 8:48:19 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Wonderful sandal! Very comfortable right out of the box as the sole is cork making your feet feel like they are walking on air. I chose the tangerine red which is a dark coral and goes with almost everything. It is especially nice with denim and works very well with shades of pink.

  • Sofft Style: 1281930
    Sofft - Parminda $92.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Gayle, Landover%2c%20MD, 7/1/2015 10:59:56 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I LOVE THESE SHOES, THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE & SEXY. I am gonna order the black ones.

  • Sofft Style: 1089527
    Sofft - Pami $79.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Phoebe, Providence%20Rhode%20Island, 6/10/2015 9:23:37 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    This is a cute and comfortable shoe for summer. It feels somewhat wider than many Sofft flats, but this isn't bad for summer heat.

  • Sofft Style: 1282003
    Sofft - Pahana $92.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Norma, Tustn%2c, 6/10/2015 11:48:59 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I am in love with these high sandals. It is truly comfortable and it feels like your walking in pillows. I purchased the black and beige. Shoeline ran out of the size 7 for the luggage color that I purchased it else where so I have every color. These are a must have sandal.

  • Sofft Style: 1089000
    Sofft - Velma $99.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Pat, Brown%20Deer%2cWI, 6/8/2015 9:02:51 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Absolutely love this shoe, most comfortable dress shoe I have ever worn. I live with chronic pain my neck and these work for me.

  • Sofft Style: 1089603
    Sofft - Palesa $98.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Jen, Seattle%2c%20WA, 6/7/2015 9:40:17 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Love the shape and fit of this shoe. Very comfortable! The metallic leather adds good dimension to the shoe as well. I would say the color is much more nude than blush. Fits true to size.

  • Sofft Style: 1281147
    Sofft - Bristol $74.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Suzanne, Brooklyn%2c%20N.%20Y, 5/25/2015 5:52:13 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    A beautiful sandal you will ware often.