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Brunswick Shoes Reviews

  • Review by: Yvonne, Vassar MI, 4/15/2009 6:03:24 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    The shoe helped me bowl the highest game ever. This is the first time I have had a right hand shoe and it truly made a difference compared to my previous shoe. Bowled my highest game ever the first night.

  • Brunswick Style: K538-8
    Brunswick - Iris $63.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: RKO, prairie farm WI, 10/13/2008 11:33:28 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Most comfortble bowling shoes I have ever worn in 35 years. Very lightweight and bends with your foot. I love the slip on feature but tight enough not to give when you bend.

  • Brunswick Style: K531-4
    Brunswick - Tigris $56.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Kim, The Woodlands Tx., 1/9/2008 11:38:55 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Product was top quality and the service was prompt.

  • Brunswick Style: K523-8
    Brunswick - Raze $48.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Mae, Mt. Sterling KY, 1/25/2006 4:36:44 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    When I first got them I was not sure how I felt about the shoes but now that I have broke them in a little I really like them. Thanks

  • Review by: Tonya, Redmond/WA, 9/8/2009 5:06:07 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    For someone looking for a truw extra wide bowling shoe this one works but be warned that the fit will be snug.

  • Review by: Tom, Colorado Springs, 9/21/2009 4:26:49 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    only worn once seem to fit good feel alittle stiff right now.

  • Review by: David, Lebanon Mo., 3/17/2008 8:30:53 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Great looking shoes and feel good too Seem to run a little on the big side but width is fine.Overall very satisfied

  • Review by: Sarah, Chicago, 8/17/2007 2:06:00 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Great value for the money - have had the same shoe for years Runs smaller now - I ordered the same size I bought 2 or 3 years ago and needed a half size smaller but it’’s now the same size as my regular shoes.

  • Brunswick Style: K217-9
    Brunswick - Cosmos $53.95 Free Shipping!

    Review by: r., puerto rico, 7/6/2006 4:46:52 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    great shoes

  • Review by: Patrick, Knoxvile/TN, 6/28/2006 11:43:53 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    A very good price for a good and comfortable shoe.