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Børn shoes are unique masterpieces of design. Each is sculpted from the finest leathers and handcrafted with Opanka construction to envelop your feet in the most incredible comfort. The exceptional attention to detail makes every pair of Børn a work of art.



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Born Shoes Reviews

  • Born Style: D34703
    Born - Shawnna $105.00 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Evelyn, Gadsden%2c%20Al, 1/9/2015 5:03:14 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I have worn Born for years and they are the best. This shoe fits perfectly and feels wonderful on the feet. Can be worn with both pants and dresses.

  • Born Style: D52503
    Born - Lennon $109.00 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Julie, Columbus%20OH, 1/4/2015 9:12:30 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    These shoes are very comfortable. I can run errands in them all day, and I have no problems. I would definitely recommend!

  • Born Style: H07117
    Born - Marcus $99.00 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Cynthia, Dryden%2cNY, 12/29/2014 10:53:33 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    My son loves these shoes! I almost didn't buy them because none of the coupons worked for them & they were never included in the sales on Born Shoes but am so glad that I did because I know that they will get alot of wear!

  • Born Style: D37028
    Born - Bristol $109.00 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Sandra, Monroe, 12/24/2014 12:07:44 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Very comfy shoe. Leather is very soft and supple.

  • Born Style: D53041
    Born - Pollina $95.00 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Linda, Pawnee, 12/17/2014 4:26:35 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I love this shoe. I wear mostly Born styles and this one is extremely comfortable and a real eye catcher.

  • Born Style: D34937
    Born - Sarella $110.00 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Andrea, Minneapolis, 12/17/2014 10:06:25 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

  • Born Style: H21042
    Born - Gregor $89.00 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Pete, Conshohocken, 12/17/2014 8:02:51 AM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Great shoe for the winter very comfortable!!

  • Born Style: D14457
    Born - Dollie $95.00 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Kim, Spokane%20, 12/14/2014 11:49:40 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    Great fit super comfortable

  • Born Style: D35817
    Born - Prairie $119.00 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Carrie, Bolingbrook%2c%20IL, 12/14/2014 8:55:13 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

    I was looking for a pair of cowboy boots that were comfortable. Born did not disappoint. They have a nice leather interior, super comfortable, and look great!

  • Born Style: D43903
    Born - Luana $169.00 Free Shipping!

    Review by: Jennfer, Anchorage%20AK, 12/14/2014 8:13:19 PM

    Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar